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It’s all gone south!

This time last year we were roaming around Costa Rica, discovering volcanoes, toucans and terrifying the iguanas. This year is a touch different. We've swapped the howler monkeys for a cat, the fiddler crabs for a rabbit and the lush rainforest for an estuary.

Where are we? Cat sitting, rabbit sitting and house sitting in Southampton, UK!

That doesn't stop us having adventures though. So The Grind Escape continues, just with a bit of grind still thrown in (thanks to the wonders of modern technology and Covid, I can now work from anywhere - as long as it's still the UK).

First up on our trip we left the house and walked in any direction that looked interesting. Interestingly enough, it led us to a rather nice pub with some very nice beer!

There we were, minding our own business, marvelling at how Southampton has an incredible blend of old and new buildings when what should happen?

Was it a plane? Was it a bird? Was it Batman in a tutu?

No it was a blooming great big ship! Looks like we discovered the marina where some rather large cruise ships set off from. (Fun fact - apparently 1.7 million people set off on cruises here every year!). Luckily it wasn't the Titanic, which set off from the very same port in 1912 and didn't exactly make it back (though there is an interactive model of the Titanic here which we will try to check out).

I mean it's possible to think from the photo that something more interesting was happening. Maybe even iceberg related. To be honest, we've been here only a few days but have already realised that there's plenty of weird things going on. From stone lions who think they're holding a popsicle...

To our discovery of a wooden dog which is there for, er well, other dogs to be attached too. I wonder if they still try to sniff it's bum? It's expression says "Yes!".

You even have to be careful where you sit to make sure it's not on a pigeon...or two, or three or...

You can even find levitating children!!

In fact, all in all, Southampton seems a pretty cool place to just, you know, hang out.

I'm sure there's much more to keep us entertained and you can be sure that we'll keep you updated on our all adventures down South. Until then folks, Pura Vida!

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