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Chilling in Monte Verde

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Finally, the sun made an appearance in Monte Verde! With such stunning weather we decided to walk a couple of miles to a ‘heladeria’ (ice cream place). Not just any heladeria, but the one attached to the Monte Verde cheese factory. So very very fresh.

We did also have a thought to do the factory tour but 1) the weather was too nice; 2) the cheese here is pretty rubbish and 3) Esme and I are both lactose intolerant so a bit daft really.

We did have ice cream though (I take enzymes wherever I go now in case I get caught out or deliberately eat lactose). Worth it. I tried a flavour called Guanabana. In English that translates as Soursop. So, yeah, doesn’t sound very appetising but was delicious! It’s a bit like a citrus banana.

On the way there and back we just kept our eyes out for wildlife. Sunny days definitely increase the number of fauna out and about! Here’s a selection:

My favourite has to be this little fella though (not the best pic ever but they move fast!).

In Costa Rica there are also plentiful stray cats and dogs. This particular one followed us all the way up the hill. We took quite a shine to him.

It's as if, if any dog sees you walk past, then you're clearly their 'walk buddy' and they follow you. For ages. I was worried at first as some were clearly pets and they were going a long way from their home but seemed fine as reappeared the next day back where they should be. No one seems to bother here either about the number of animals roaming about.

The other creature that appears to be ubiquitous here is the leaf cutter ant. After getting so excited about seeing them in San Jose, and feeling amazed at our ‘chance sighting’ of these little industrious fellows, which we'd only seen on telly before, we have discovered that they are everywhere! Usually off to the side of a path or road, in their hundreds. I still like the little chaps though. They're not harming anyone and they're jolly good fun to watch :-)

Hopefully the weather will continue to improve as next up we're heading to the top of a mountain!

Pura Vida folks.

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